Sunday, September 09, 2007

Who is up for this challenge???

ever since I saw this video I have been completely moved! don't ask me why have ya all seen this???? (minus my facebook friends that I sent it too)

okay so I have tried endlessly to upload this youtube video to no end... to my blog.. but..
you all will have to follow the link on your own..

or just Google

just fabulous stuff!!

THEN there is quite the Facebook event @

which reads...

Click here to join the event!

September 10th, 2007will be remembered as the biggest Free Hug day this world has ever seen. Everybody get ready, this one is going to be HUGE.

The Reason for the date,September 10th is the day before 9/11. We will all sit down on that day and think about the tragedies that have befallen this world, we will think of the twin towers, of the iraq war, of the terrorist attacks all over the world. We will think to ourselves...what has this world come to? where has the good gone. That is why i created this event, so when you do ask yourself that, you think about all the hugs you had received the day before and you think to yourself that there is love left.i want people to be reminded that this world has a great amount of good left in it, and that it should never be forgotten.INVITE INVITE INVITE!!!!LETS MAKE THIS HUGE!The reason it was started so early was to build a large amount of people. Do not worry. your facebooks will remind you when the time is near.Please Message me with further questions. If you need advice as to what to do on free hug day, no problem. t shirt info, anything.A group of friends and i are simply making t shirts, making signs, and hugging people all day, hopefully it will spread.T SHIRT WEBSITES FOR FREE HUGS: just make them yourself with a blank t shirt Hug Buttons: they are free but donations are highly appreciated Okay, so we're growing at an incredible rate. that's amazing!so no more goals, let's just grow.VERY

IMPORTANT:to people for all countries, make sure you do not impose hugs onto anyone to seem as if you are harassing them, and make sure to check the laws of your country to make sure you do not get into trouble.Thank you ~

you all feel free to Google, you tube, blog search whatever search there are PLENTY of examples i.e. video of FREE HUGS going on out there.. it is a good thing.
take care