Thursday, July 26, 2007

Too Busy to POST!!!!

Okay listen to me ... promising more post..

Well, life has proven to be tooo flipping busy this summer.. I really did start a post about two weeks ago.. downloaded pic and all..I just never got back to writing anything.

Now my family and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a two week vacation.

We are flying in and out of Las Vegas driving up threw Utah and over to N. California. W/ pit stops in Moab UT, Reno NV and Arcata CA!

Any ideas/suggestions where to eat? Any bloggers in the area??? (Hint hint MS. Kleo and Mattie) My e-mail is vegan325(AT)hotmail(dot) com.

Take care and I am truly hoping ya'all are having a fabulous summer!!!!
Until we meet again...